Made in India for Make in India : Indian Production System Paperback – by C Narasimhan

Made in India for Make in India : Indian Production System

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” Indian Production System” by  C .Narasimhan describes the Production System developed for India. It draws on the best available improvement tools and develops them further to work in our environment. The author,has also developed new and unique tools suited to the culture of Indian Manufacturing organisation.

” Indian Production System” aims to introduce home grown,indigenised production system which tailored made for Indian culture and workforce.

In  his book” Indian Production System”  in guru C .Narasimhan develop system that understands the constraints in the infrastructure and cultural issues we as a country face and tools to succeed in this environment.

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C .Narasimhan 

Shri . C .Narasimhan, former president of Sundaram Clayton, who chairs the CII Cluster Programme, probably came closest to the truth when he bluntly and insightfully lists out why, despite steady progress of over 50 years, India is in not a position to excel in  manufacturing.  Among his arguments he suggests that our tendency to adapt British, European and Japanese systems may not be entirely suitable for India (“Such adopted systems do offer improvements but not excellence,” he writes). He offers in their stead the vision of an Indian Production System, which is interesting but there are no examples to suggest how this theory works in practice.

This book is aimed at business owners and senior managers to give them a flavour of the Indian Production System, how it can be applied in their companies to become world class.

Made in India for Make in India – Indian Production System (First Edition, 2015) (Hardcover)

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