Tata Agni Leaf, 500g

Tata Tea Agni Leaf, 500g

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The Tata Tea Company is well-known throughout India and the world for its quality tea products. With an aroma that invites you to savor the rich taste and unique blend.

Try it, and you will agree it adds up to an experience you will look forward to each time.

Tata Agni is the second largest brand in Tata Teas extensive portfolio, with a presence across more than 22 Indian states. Agni was first launched as a product targeted at the price-sensitive consumer, specifically the ones who aspired to shift from loose to branded tea. Back then, it operated in the economy segment on a standalone basis.Tata Tea Agni gives price-sensitive consumers a strong tea with 10% extra long leaves at the best price.

Buy Tata tea at great price and enjoy it

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