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Contributor Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for productreviewhub (PRH)

PRH seeks practical reviews on daily use any products which its view would love to read before making buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly should I write a review about?

  • Pick a product or service you’ve bought or used.
  • Share your personal experience about it.
  • Keep your reviews informative to help others make buying decisions.

Here are some review we’d love to publish more about:

  • Review on daily used product.
  • Review on books.
  • Review on any grocery products
  • Review on smart phone
  • Review on health products
  • Review on Cookware

Should I pitch you my idea before writing the post?

Sure! Pitch your idea by emailing us at contactus@productreviewhub.online

When will I hear back from you after I send my pitch?

Please allow up to two to three days to us to respond to your pitch.

Have any tips for ensuring my piece is a fit for PRH?

  • Please write in the “you” voice as much as possible, then support your advice with personal experience or stories.
  • Posts should be written in blog style, with short paragraphs, numbered lists, bullets and lots of white space.
  • Including a few sub-headings is much appreciated (we love to use H2!)
  • Only one space between sentences, please!
  • Please do not write new review of any product already published , however you can still contribute by write good comment on already published product reviews.

How should I submit my post?

Please submit your post as a Google document.

We use Google Docs because it allows us to easily collaborate with several people without passing around new versions of a Word Doc. If you’ve never shared a Google Doc before, here are easy instructions. (Don’t forget to give us editing power.)

Tip: It’s best to create your post as a Google Doc, rather than uploading a Word Doc to Google. Sometimes if you take the latter route, we can’t edit even if you tell the doc to allow us to do so.

However if you do not want to write using google doc , then please directly write a email and send same to contactus@productreviewhub.online .

Once your first review is posted then you will be given author right of PRH thus you can directly login and write you review.

How long should my posts be?

Aim for 800-1,200 words.

Do you pay?

Yes we do pay . We pay 20% of earning due to product reviewed by you. Also we send minimum assured Rs 51/- discount coupon to all our review writers which can be redeemed from our online shop www.mahakayashops.online

Should I include links within the piece?

Yes. Please include links product from amazon and flipkart that will be helpful our reader to buy same online  – To get link please search from search bar of amazon and flipkart at bottom of this site and copy the complete URL and insert link. Please note  you should include at least two links within your post.

Insert links in your copy via anchor text or keywords, for example, like this if you’re writing about networking. No HTML, please!

However if you do  not understand , then please focus on writing good review and we will to the rest.

Should I write a headline? 

That’d be great! We reserve the right to tweak it for SEO, style or just to make it more attention-grabbing.

Please ensure product name do appear in headline

Will you edit my post?

Yes, we’ll edit for content and clarity, doing our best to preserve your voice.

Can I repost my submission on my blog?

No. If we run your post on PRH, we retain the rights to that content. We don’t allow republishing on your own blog or any other website. (Did you know reposting content can hurt SEO traffic results for everyone involved? We try to keep it tidy around here.)

Are you definitely going to publish my piece?

We reserve the right to not publish your post if we decide it’s not a strong fit for PRH. You are then free to publish it elsewhere.

Should I include a photo?

If you can do  good or else we’ll add one.

What should I do after I submit my post?

When it runs, we hope you’ll be active in the comments, responding to readers’ questions or thoughts. We also hope you’ll share your post on social media!

We look forward to your contribution!

The more you will comment and share in social media the more you will earn.

Ready to pitch your idea or submit your post? 

Then write to us contactus@productreviewhub.online

Before you submit, please run through this checklist. Did you…

  •  Add your name, email, mobile, Facebook id and Twitter handle to the top of your post?
  • Include your one-sentence bio at the top of your post? (HTML, please, if you know how!)
  • Add at least two links within your post to other posts on The Write Life? (Use relevant keyword anchors like this.)
  • Turn your post into an editable Google Doc? (Because Google can be finicky, that means creating your post as a Google Doc — cutting and pasting if you’ve written it in Word — rather than uploading a Word Doc to Drive.) This is required for first review , once your first review is published we will make you author of  PRH , where you can directly write your review.

If so, you’re ready to submit!

Please share your Google Doc or send your first pitch to us  at contactus@productreviewhub.online  

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